Virtual Pitching Lessons

Pitching Lessons in the Digital Age


Thanks to today's technology, virtual pitching and throwing lessons are possible.  You dictate the lesson by the questions you ask and the videos you submit.  You send us the videos, and then book a time for a Skype/Facetime call.  By the time of your call, the video will be broken down and prepared to be analyzed, together.  Virtual lessons average 30 minutes, and you should try to be in a space where you can move around a bit for the call.

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What Videos Work

-In game pitching


-Flat Grounds

-Long Toss

-Throws from the field (position players)

At the very least, we will need video from the side.  This is preferred to be taken from the athletes chest side. Also helpful to have a few from the front and a few from behind if possible, but a lesson can be done without these.

The higher the quality of video, the easier it is for us to see what I need to see and make the necessary adjustments. Often times you're better off taking video up close during a practice setting than you are from the stands in a game.

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Image by Bo Lane

The Lesson Itself

Once we have the video, the footage will be broken down.  That entails taking the video you sent us and dissecting it . Often times that is done by slowing things down, mirroring your video to a video of an elite pitcher who is doing the focus point of the lesson at a high level, and talking through the difference. 

During the call, this breakdown is already done.  It is shared back with you, and we go through the broken down video together.  This allows the athlete to ask questions and break it down in a way that they understand it.  It doesn't do any good if we are the only ones understanding what is being said, and the live video and ability to ask questions eliminates that possibility all together.  They athlete is able to see it, ask about it, and be taken through drills to feel it, if necessary.

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Image by Ben Hershey