Access to tools, lessons, videos, a former big league pitcher and a former division 1 pitcher.  Let us help you turn into the pitcher you aspire to be.  Anywhere, anytime, you can take this program as far as you're willing to go.

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What we do

At Sixty Feet Six, we preach constant development.  There are no hacks or shortcuts, just hard work done the right way over time.  We give you the tools to implement the training methods that will get you to the next level, but it's up to you to do the work. We provide customized throwing programs, virtual lessons, drills to improve mechanics, baseball specific workout programs, pitch grip consultations, and even knowledge to help you navigate the collegiate recruiting process for the older athletes trying to get to the next level.  Everything we do is customized for you as a player and as a person.  Cookie cutter approaches simply do not yield results. Our enormous video library breaks down each drill, each throwing progression, and each exercise.  Get started today and take your game to the next level.


Get a little better, EVERYDAY

At Sixty Feet Six, we preach steady improvement. If you can get just 1% better everyday, what does that look like in a month? Six months? A year? That is when you start to see vast improvements and development. Through all that Sixty Feet Six offers, the sky is the limit! If you're ready to take your game to that next level, get started now.

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